Wesley, Ryan, Martin, Sam, Steven, and Camden.

Group Members and Roles

  • Sam Champagne - Mailer and Brochure
  • Steven Lee - Print Journalist
  • Martin Marquez - Debater

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What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

The great compromise seeks to reconcile the debate between the New Jersey and Virginia plans by appeasing both sides by combining them into one legislative body, which will consist of a house of representatives based on population, and a senate with two senators from each state, regardless of their size. This gives both sides what they asked for. This way the majority will have considerable influence without completely drowning out the voices of the smaller states. Coming to an agreement is crucial in order to keep the country united, and retain our independence, whilst prospering under a strong federal government

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Calm down both delegates from New Jersey and Virgina
  • Make both sides happy and persuade them to seeing the best of both worlds
  • Explain that combining them into one legislative body and a house of representatives based on population is the best solution to this problem
  • Make sure they understand that if we can not go with this solution, our nation will crumble and everything we fought for will be useless

Orator: Text of Your Speech

My Fellow Americans, I address you as such because if we are to succeed in making a new nation we must begin to think of ourselves by our country, and not our state. Before the revolution, we were simply thirteen colonies, but know we are one nation. When we pledged our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to this cause, we did it so that we may live, as a stronger, freer country, and the only way that we can achieve that is by being united.

I can understand and sympathize with both sides of this argument. Virginia, having just fought a war to win independence from a country that would not give any power to the people, is afraid that they will once again be in a situation where the majority of people’s opinions, can be overruled, by a small group of people. On the other hand, New Jersey fears that they will have no power at all, and the wellbeing of their state will be degraded, simply because of their size. Obviously, each side is valid, and neither will concede to the other.

The great compromise takes the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan, and combines them, giving both sides what they want. To appease Virginia, It will create a house of representatives in which each state has a number of representatives, relative to their population, and for New Jersey, a senate with equal representation in which each state, is represented by two senators, regardless of their state population. While the will of the population will be influential, the smaller states will not have their voices drowned out by mob rule.

Before you dismiss this plan altogether, consider the consequences should we continue as we are, If we continue this petty squabbling amongst ourselves, we shall lose all that we have fought and paid so dearly for. While our country tears apart at the seems, our former British rulers grow stronger every day, if they were to decide they wanted their colonies back, they would get little resistance from a land so divided as ours, or perhaps the Spanish or French, or any number of European powers, will want to add us to their empire. To them we pose no threat, what they see is a loose affiliation of squabbling children, not a nation. Let us prove them wrong, they say that a republic cannot work, that it is our fate to be ruled over by kings, let us show that we do not need royal blood to run a country, we built this country, we earned this country, let it be us who rule this country. Show the world what we can be. We have just fought a war of revolution to separate from, our mother country, let us not now separate from each other. The simple fact is that the states on their own are not powerful enough to stand by themselves, the only way we won the war was through working together, and the only way we can prosper independent of an empire, is together. So I say to you this, compromise. Compromise for peace, compromise for freedom, compromise for yourself, compromise for your children, compromise for America.


Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

Objection: Why should we listen to a compromise that will combine two plans?

Reply: Because we all fought the British as one. We are in the struggle as one. In order to settle upon something everyone agrees on, we must compromise as one. It's like a pack of mice fighting the big scary cat because he stole your block of cheese. Once the cat is defeated, then you decide how to use the block of cheese so that every mouse is happy, putting aside their differences, and compromising under one big block of cheese.

Objection: We as the New Jersey Plan will leave this meeting and a start a war if our plan is not accepted!!

Reply: Do not abandon this meeting just because your full wishes have not been met yet. If you do, you will be like a man at a restaurant waiting for his desert. You had the appetizer, entree, but now waiting for the desert. Patience will allow your desires to come true.

Objection: We as the Virginia Plan do not think that the smaller states are not so important to the country.

Reply: Do not reject one because of it's size. Every piece, no matter how big or small, is needed to work the machine. It is like playing a guitar. No one cares about the very last string half of the time, but when it comes to solos and the string is needed, it is of great need and importance in the end. Let us not be the fool who plays the guitar with only five strings.

Why Our Plan is Good:

The Great Compromise is something I believe everyone can be happy with. The thought of having a House of Representatives and a Senate lets every colony have equal representation no matter how big or small it is. This gives the idea to focus on every part of this country. As long as there are equal rights upon every colony, it is okay to say that we live in a fair and just country.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

On the moderate morning of October 4, 2011, five different delegates gathered around to discuss the delicate situation of the nation’s economy. Virginia, New Jersey, the Crispus Attucks, the Dixiecrat Bloc, and the Great Compromise were all burning up, ready to explode their ideas and shout out to the world that each of their plans was the better option. Virginia spoke first, seizing the heart and minds of everyone in the room by speaking about how “our enemy is our disunity” and that we must work together and begin to act. These soft feelings quickly declined as Virginia’s representative stated that we must institute a strong central government because “congress lacks the ability to do anything.” After hearing this, New Jersey, boiling with anger, began to boo and hiss at the representative and even making harsh remarks. Virginia, still attempting to persuade it’s audience, furthermore added that they would like to propose a plan where our nation could be saved by representation by population. This caused an outbreak between New Jersey and Virginia and much argument occurred. The Great Compromise pleasantly stated that we should have the best of both worlds by thinking ourselves as one country and that we must all be united. The representative also stated that we can settle both sides of the argument by having a house of representative in Virginia and having a senate of equal representation in New Jersey. By looking at the faces of the other delegates, many seemed satisfied with this solution and there were no “boos” during the entire speech. The representative even stated that we should consider the possible consequences such as how other larger European powers such as the Spanish and French may want to colonize America once again if we were to ever fall apart. This brought a fiery sense of patriotism that stirred the room. When the Crispus Attucks began their speech, they were immediately dejected with a mob of dissatisfaction. Trying to convince the delegates with their silly thoughts of natural rights and no slavery, they received little to no support from the other delegates. Especially by the Dixiecrat Blocs who harshly stomped their plan by attacking them with statements that made the Crispus Attucks seem like hypocrites. During the hour of debate, Virginia cordially stated that they would like a government with representation by the population. In that instant, New Jersey, frustrated and unwilling to listen any longer, brutally criticized Virginia by mentioning how New Jersey does “not want a dictatorship like Virginia” and even went as far as to say “Virginia is trying to cheat off of what we [New Jersey] deserve.”While Virginia was ready to attack back, the Great Compromise interrupted and temporarily calmed the two furious delegates. The Crispus Attucks wanted a government ruled by natural rights and that people are people. Therefore, slaves should be free. The Dixiecrat Blocs, laughing at this statement, claimed that slavery is absolutely essential for the economy and without them, we would not even be a functioning nation and we would “fall upon the oppressive rulers.” The Crispus Attucks, trying to make a comeback stated that “slaves are like children,” but to their disadvantage, the Dixiecrat Bloc backfired their statement by agreeing with them expect saying that they need to be controlled. Moving on, Virginia offered the Virginia plan saying that a greater population should have more say than the smaller populations, but New Jersey stepped up a notch and said that “we [New Jersey] will always be outvoted” and even threatened “we would to go to a civil war.” Although Virginia did say that New Jersey was too small of a state to matter, New Jersey shot back by stating what Virginia previously claimed that “We [Virginia] depend on New Jersey.” Once again, the representative of the Great Compromise, Ben Franklin, attempted to calm this situation by trying to offer a side where both Virginia and New Jersey could be happy. Sadly, both states absolutely refused to give in to the wise sayings of Ben Franklin. The Crispus Attucks at another point mentioned how we can afford to sweep up the slavery mess. Another silly mistake was made when they stated this. The whole point of this conference was because America has no money and a terrible government. We as America can’t afford anything at this point. Congress has no money, and had no money ever since the American Revolution. The Dixiecrat Blocs using their logic, but selfishness, mentioned how America is able to have an economy because of the hard labor the slaves do. But, more importantly, the Dixiecrat Blocs criticized how the members of the Crispus Attucks were being hypocrites because they themselves had slaves. The conference became a mess and there was much debate over slavery instead of the future of our nation. Ben Franklin of the Great Compromise wisely stated that the Senate and legislature must be equal. The man of analogies then ended the conference by stating that this situation was just like a relationship of an older and younger brother. There will always be some sort of conflict, but they will always love each other. Just like how the states are fighting and arguing over the sake of the nation, but they are all one and need to function as one to make a successful country.


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