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The New Jersey Plan

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The New Jersey Plan, the plan for every man!Hope for the small, Hope for the large, Hope for all!

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

We have reached a crucial point in our history. We have just fought a long, bloody revolutionary war, and, at long last, we have successfully seceded from overpowering, tyrannical Britain. And yet, the battle to form a new nation is only yet begun. A new Constitution must be written if our newly born country is to succeed. And this Constitution must protect and cherish the rights that we just fought to gain. The rights of equality and liberty. The rights of independence and individuality. The rights that Britain was denying us. And above all, this new Constitution must proclaim that every colony will have EQUAL REPRESENTATION!!!
Our Constitution must grant the right for every colony to have one vote in congress, no matter the size or population of that colony. It must emphasize the need for one legislative body, and three branches of government regulated by a system of checks and balances. It must provide provisions for the admissions of new states into the Union, and outline a plan to regulate trading and taxes on foreign goods.
We just killed and died for our rights. Let's make sure that our new Constitution protects them.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Equal representation, not representation based on population
  • Same number of votes for each colony
  • One legislative body
  • Regulated trade
  • Taxing foreign goods
  • Revising, correcting, and enlarging the Articles of Confederation
  • Executive branch of government with very limited power
  • Each state given one vote in Congress
  • Provisions for the admissions of new states into the Union
  • Declaration of Independence principles such as liberty and equality
  • Three branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.
  • Checks and balances for these three branches.
  • State laws inferior to the laws passed by the national legislature.

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Good morning colleagues, statesmen, and friends.

You are all here because of the ability you each have to make this country a better place. Now the question is will you succeed in that task? I believe that by affirming the plan I am about to propose, you will.

I agree, and I believe I speak for many, when I say that this country needs something new, but NOT an entirely new constitution as the virginia plan suggests. we were able to gain independence and break away from the tyrannical mother country with the system that we had previously imposed, SO gentle men and women why on earth would we enforce Virginia's proposed legislation that would be structured around an extremely powerful central government, when that was the exact thing that we spent almost a decade fighting to be free of! when that was the exact thing that put our brother's lives in danger! when that was the exact thing that threatened to tear apart our country and our people. Nay, I say. Nay, we shan't go back to the past, but only move forward into the future. If you as a people would like to destroy EVERYTHING we've worked for, then go ahead. But I, and the rest of the REAL americans, choose otherwise.

That being said, we the people of the united states, need to strengthen the bonds between our states, about that there is no question. My plan will institute a strong yet not oppressive government, that will make us come together as a country, allowing us to move forward boldly into the future.

First and foremost this government will be allowed to levy taxes, and impose them when necessary. The government should have this power seeing as when it did not, the army that fought for your freedom did not have shoes on their feet, clothes on their backs, nor food in their stomachs. We must not let our country stoop that low ever again if we are to retain the pride and dignity of our new sovereign nation.
Secondly, the government will be allowed to regulate trade as well as import duties in an attempt to unify us under a single economy.

Finally this government will be allowed to override state laws that contradict federal laws, so as to strengthen the ties between the us, and help us work together in union, working towards a better tomorrow for each individual.
Ladies and gentlemen we must learn from our mistakes and prevent history from repeating itself! And approving this plan is fundamental to achieving that goal.

The idea that the Virginia plan proposes with a legislative branch and a judicial branch, may in fact be a wise one. However, with my plan the legislative branch allows each state to be represented equally, to make stronger the bonds that hold us together, and to enforce a much needed sense of unity during this fragile time of new liberty.

One state. One vote. One country. We are the united states of america. Each state contributes equally to the uniting cause of our country, thus why should some states have more representation than others? the states of larger proportions are not the only states that make up this confederation! we are all parts of one whole, and until we can learn to work together as one communal mind and body, the fate of our new country will slowly fall out of our reach.

This country was founded on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Each man has those rights and therefore each man is as valuable as the next. So then, men get equality and the states don't? They are in actuality the same! Not one state has proven to be more valuable than other so their representation must be the same.

Under the Virginia plan small states will be outvoted and treated unfairly, and slowly become subject to the larger states, returning almost to the autocratic style of government that your brothers sacrificed their lives to be free of.

It has been said that all politics are multiple groups of people with different interests and the only progress made is through compromise. We will move forward if and when we are all equally represented in one single congressional branch, proposing new ideas and working to better our nation. So what what do you choose fellow delegates? The united states of America, or the United states of Virginia? Make it worthwhile for those who gave their lives for you. Or not. The choice is yours.


Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

O: One legislative body, as proposed by the New Jersey Plan, could turn into an autocratic government.debate-p1-njplan.jpg
R: It cannot, because the legislative body would be made up of representatives from ALL the colonies, which makes autocracy impossible. The Virginia Plan, even with its two legislative bodies, is more likely to turn into an autocratic government because the larger colonies would have power (in the form of representation), over the smaller colonies. The voices of colonies such as New Jersey would be lost, dominated by colonies such as Virginia.

O:The New Jersey plan is not fair because there are so many more people in Virginia that it deserves more representatives
compared to New Jersey.
R:Well it is fairer than the Virginia Plan because the New Jersey Plan actually benefits everybody, unlike your plan which only ends up benefiting
the larger states.
O: Your plan is pretty much the same as the Articles of Confederation, which was weak and ineffective.
R: You have a point, BUT though the Articles of Confederation had flaws it was a good underline foundation for governmental
policy, and it was responsible for the Ordinance of 1787.

Why Our Plan is Good:

  • The New Jersey Plan guarantees equal representation under one legislative body. One vote per state would ensure everyone equal representation. We fought the revolutionary war against Britain in order to free ourselves from oppression, and the New Jersey Plan will guarantee freedom from oppressive larger states like Virginia.
  • One legislative body with equal representation for all will eliminate the possibility of another Shay's Rebellion, because the colonies will be united under one legislature. On the other hand, the unfair representation the Virginia Plan is proposing will anger the smaller colonies like New Jersey, causing more disunity between the colonies and may even cause a civil war.
  • The New Jersey Plan reflects the belief that all states are independent entities, and as they entered the United States freely and individually, so they ought to remain free and individual. The Plan values the rights of the individual and each separate colony; the Virginia Plan seeks to bestow power upon the largest colony, which, quite conveniently, happens to be Virginia.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

An article featured in the New Jersey Newspaper: The Star-Ledger.

One slightly foggy Monday morning, fifty-five delegates gathered in Philadelphia to discuss the future of our newborn country: The United States of America. So what happened? The Virginia Plan representative James Madison weakly expressed that we are “governed by a congress that lacks ability to control anything”, and proposed that the United States was to be controlled by a stronger central government with representation for each state based on the population of that state.

The New Jersey Plan representative William Patterson rightfully stood up for us “REAL Americans” and prophetically proposed that we should have a government where all of the colonies have one Senate who can represent the whole state and that no matter how big the population is, the state will get an equal say in all occasions.

Patterson then went on to smoothly stress the importance of being bonded together as a Patriotic Nation, and that nothing is more important that being held together as one equal, united, harmonized country—all while Madison was screeching about how Heaven has sent his plan down, probably because Virginians can’t think of it themselves.

Patterson skillfully and eloquently emphasized the importance of having a legislative body that would – unlike that of the Virginia Plan – allow each state to be represented equally, in order to have a fair and collective government.

Madison meekly tried to rebuttal Patterson’s points with one last dying comment: small states are too small to matter.

Patterson ignored the ignorant and arrogant comment and with a final dash of pizzazz, closed his case.

“One state. One vote. One country. We are the United States of America”, yep that sounds like the New Jersey Plan to me!

Hannah Youngerman -- Print Journalist


Now this is a story all about how
The new jersey plan got turned upside down
And we’d liked to take a minute just sit right there
Tell you what we’re all about, Ya know, clear the air!
In west Philadelphia, signed and sealed
At the Convention is where we closed the deal
Chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool,
And controlin some slaves outside of school
When a couple of red coats they were up to no good
Started making trouble in the colonies
We got in one lil war and the states got scared
And said "bigger states get more votes, more here than there "
We Begged for the new jersey plan everyday,
But the constitution didn’t write it our way
Our plan was awesome but they still didn’t pick it
We said, suck it Virginia!, we might as well kick it
We pulled up to the convention bout 7 or 8
And we yelled to Virginia “yo homes smell ya later”
We looked at our plan, it was finally there
Two senates per state, no matter where!

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