Lauren, Sinead, Lindaluz, Alyssa, and Elizabeth.

Group Members and Roles

  • Elizabeth-mailer/brochure/facebook
  • Alyssa-debater/photoshop
  • Lauren-photographer/radio spot
  • Lindaluz-speech
  • Sinead-print journalist/tv spot

Group Slogan

external image dixiecratslogan3.jpgSlaves and plantations is the way for our nation!

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

Charles C. Pinckney and Roger Sherman:
  • The slave trade will remain the same until 1808
  • Omit the words "slave" and "slavery from the constitution and instead replace them with "persons of servitude"
  • Congress will have the ability to regulate trade by a simple majority
  • There will be a 2/3 vote in both houses concerning tarrifs, embargoes, and quotas on slave trade
  • There will be less national regulation on trade; there will be more freedon left to local assemblies
  • The National government has no say in the importation of African Slaves
  • Congress is forbidden from outlawing or taxing the importation of slaves

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Keep the economy stable with the slave trade
  • Allow "persons of servitude" represented in Congress by 3/5 compromise, which should be held as 60% of a white man for purpose of representation in the congress
  • No taxation against slaves or slave trade
  • Will not take no part in the union, unless slavery is made legal

Orator Speech:

My name is Charles C. Pickney. So here I stand my dear companions, my fellow friends, my brethren…to ask one simple question. Who here likes food? I swear you eat rice and by golly that’s what you feed your children! Our southern culture has been based on slavery and agricultural crops distributed around America. I know that ain’t polyester you’re wearing. Where do you think cotton comes from? Who do you think breaks their backs for this crop? Not the average colonist, that is. Not your brother, not your neighbors and certainly not your children. The backbone of your country is our slave labor. If you don’t do it, who will? Slaves and plantations is the way of our nation. There is no need for equality in a prosperous economy.

We, the Dixiecrat Bloc, consider our slaves “people in servitude”. We refuse the idea of the word Slavery be put in the constitution, but if it would be referred, we ask that it may be seen as “people held to service”. They are people, they are human, and we understand that they feel just as we do. Which is why we ask for 3/5 compromise which would be 60% of a white man’s representation. We insist that the constitution deny congress from outlawing or even taxing the importation of slaves, or else we will not partake in this union furthermore. We purchase these slaves with our own money to the benefit of our new country! And don’t go on telling me they weren’t slaves before. In Africa they were the slaves among their own kind, and treated in worse conditions. And if they have led a Christian life here that’s because we have converted them and allowed them to go to church, or else they would be complete savages killing here and there due to their original customs. We feed them; we clothe them, and provide shelter. Our hospitality might not be Five Star rated, but it’s better than they had in Africa. And yes we might give them a slap on the hand, or a whip or two, but wouldn’t you do the same if your children were misbehaving?

But oh what shame my dear friends, there are hypocrites among us. They say we torture our slaves, that we force them to attend our crops and provide our food yet they still feed their children with the rice that was cultivated through black hands, and wear the cotton that was picked by our fellow Africans. What about those indigo pants? Or your tobacco supplied cigar? Yet it is easy to say for a northern man, that we bring about nothing but wretched misery. We state the truth by saying that, in reality, we know we won’t indulge in this back breaking labor ourselves. And if we were to pay these thousands of slaves, it would be money out of OUR own pockets for labor that will create produce for YOU. If these “people in servitude” were paid, (and there are over 700,000) the price for your food would be higher. The fact is if you take our power, our slaves, our money, your trade would be nothing but rocks. And trade isn’t exactly booming right now either. Slaves have been part of our southern culture, and accept it or not, they have been part of yours too. Slaves are the reason our great country has been able to stand tall, the reason our economy has been able to flourish. And yes, yes once again we understand that slavery isn’t right, and that it is morally wrong. But right now, that is not factored in the reality of our nation’s current economical state, but it is only interest itself which ties our people together. We need all the help we can get, HEAR ME BRETHREN!

The Dixiecrat Bloc suggests we discuss the terms of slavery in 1808, where our country is stable enough for any changes. Right now slavery is an integral part of our most profitable cause. We know that the situation of slavery is a moral transgression for our country, but it is slavery which has been able to uphold our great United States! And it is downright sad that some fellow men would be willing to have the Constitutional Convention fail because they wish the abolishment of slavery. You all depend on us to sustain our country’s economy, and we provide through slavery. Slaves and plantations is indeed the way of our nation.


Debater (Roger Sherman): Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

  • Why not let the Africans free? Or pay them? Or treat them better?debate-p3-dixiecratbloc.jpg
  • (First and Second) Africans don’t have the necessaries skills to live independently in an ever growing economy. How will they assimilate into this country? They are illiterate, and have no education, and most southerners will not be happy about letting them free and will not provide any jobs for them. (third) We have to keep them under control, just like you do with your children. If they get out of hand, we might give them a little whip. Some southern men are very cruel, but it is not too common…you northern men just seem to highlight those instead of the good slave owners.
  • How can you take babies away from their mothers and sell them?
  • Yes we’re sorry, it is cruel. But how else are we supposed to get money to continue our plantations, and keep producing those needs everyone demands? You go ahead and make your own friends and family grow your cotton, rice and sugar….that would require less slaves from us. If not them, who?
  • Why would you only give a black man 3/5 representation?
  • First of all, they aren’t truly American. We paid for them to come to America, and it would only seem right that they only get 60%. Besides, you should be happy they get any representation at all. That’s just so you realize that we acknowledge the fact that we know they are humans.
  • But they fought against our mother country with us!
  • Yea but not because they wanted to, but because we in return would give them liberty. So they fought believing that they would earn liberty, not because they cared about America. I would have you know that some even betrayed us and acted as spies for Britain! Why? Because all they cared for was liberty.

Why Our Plan is Good:

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

“You’re a slave owner yourself, Mr. Mason, aren’t you?” This key question, coming from our own representative of the Dixiecrat Bloc, was one of the many that transformed a reasonable debate on numerous concepts for our new nation into a fierce and tense clash on the differing proposals of governing forces. To put it bluntly, one could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Each collective party had their own very diverse views, and no group was willing to let any opposing sides change their mind. Then came the time for each fervent party to prove their points and persuade the others to side with them. The goal was to create, in their opinion, the “perfect plan” for our states, our government, and our new nation, the United States of America.
Although the discussion of how each individual state should be represented is fundamentally essential to creating a sustainable nation, the state vs. state controversy pales in comparison to the condition of our economy. The issue of preserving servitude is crucial in order to halt our current economic decline. “Slaves and plantations is the way for our Nation.” This is the strongest statement conveyed in the entire convention.

The fierce debate started with opening statements from the first party, the Virginia Plan, against the second party, the New Jersey Plan. The Great Compromise then followed. Subsequently, our misguided opponents, the Crispus Attucks Coalition spoke, and finally our esteemed Dixiecrat Bloc Party presented the best option proposed so far.

The great state of Virginia reasons that each man should have an equal say in the legislature. It is “the fairest form of government”, in their opinion, to have the number of representatives based on the number of residents. It offers the simplest way for each citizen to be heard and action to be taken swiftly into law. A larger state should have more say since there are more people residing there with more at stake. This may be so but does it really matter if we fall into a depression?

The New Jersey Plan believes that each state should get an equal number of representatives regardless of population. “Why should Virginia have more say then us?” they proclaim. “That is what we fought the war for, to rid us of the power hungry English who wanted more than their fair share of power.” Again this proves to a valid point, but if we are to be a stable nation, we must maintain the economic strength that servitude provides, rather than focusing our energy on representation.

Great Compromise is just that; a compromise of these two plans. It offers two houses of legislature. One with delegates based on the population of a state to ensure each man has an equal voice. The other would have the same number of representatives from each state, regardless of population to give those smaller states the same say as the large. This works but doesn’t solve the problem at hand. All of the plans regarding representation are missing the point.

No matter how many deep breaths we take, it will not change the fact that our economy is slipping through the cracks; that it is declining faster than we realize. The Crispus Attucks speaker George Mason sincerely owned up to the fact that he himself was a slaveholder. Mr. Mason in his speech was a direct example of hypocrisy. The proposal of whether slavery – or people in servitude - is considered moral is not the issue; the Dixiecrat Bloc recognizes the ethical problem with slavery. With that said, however, we need to acknowledge the reality, and the reality is that the needs of the whole out weight the rights of the few. Now isn’t the time for sentimental feelings about the motherless child or the many tears shed. The Crispus Attucks Coalition admit that these radical changes they propose will directly lead to chaos, causing the economy to violently sink. We cannot afford this now; we need to build strength in order for our foundling nation to succeed.

Our own Dixiecrat Bloc understands that people in servitude can be viewed as a moral issue, but unlike the Cripus Attucks wrongfully accused us, we do in fact address Africans as people. Individually, they are the equivalent of 3/5ths or 60% of a white man. We have purchased them at our own expenses, and benefit our entire growing country by providing needed labor for agriculture. We have converted them to Christianity to become more civilized like us. Finally, we have clothed, fed, and sheltered them from the dangerous outside world. More importantly, we have protected them from their even more harmful homeland, Africa. Like the view we share with the Crispus Atticks, slavery may not be moral, but it is what we need for a balanced and stable country. We don’t share, however, the naïve sense that the best option is to hastily disband a vital element in our economic wellbeing.

Throughout the debate, the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan argued on the idea of representation, while the Great Compromise party mediated a middle ground. The Virginia Plan argued for representation by population, while the New Jersey Plan made a case of representation by state. The Great Compromise chimed in and qualified with both parties, but still sticking to its original design. Although this conflict of representation is important, like I said, it does not measure up to the importance of our plundering economy. Servitude is a building block we cannot do without right now. And remember, slaves and plantations is the way for our nation!


bonus: the unofficial Dixiecrat Promotion Video

Radio PSA

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Action Photographs:

The Dixiecrat Bloc is better and more efficient for our conutry than those gray faces of America on the left.

The Speeches

Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC1.JPG Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC2.JPG
Dude from Virginia Plan

Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC3.JPG Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC4.JPG
Guido from NJ Plan Senin obviously enjoyed that burn to the Virginia Plan supporters
Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC5_(2).jpg Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC6.JPG
Benjamin Franklin and The Great Compromise Plan

George Mason making three seperate irrelevant and hypocritical remarks.

Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC11.JPG Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC12.JPGPeriod3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC13.JPG
Charles C. Pinckney describes in a sweet southern drawl why The Dixiecrat Bloc should be elected and kept to use in the country.

The Debate

Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC17.JPG Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC18.JPG
Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC19.JPG Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC20.JPG
Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC22.JPG Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC23.JPG
Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC24.JPG Period3DixiecratActionPhoto_LC25.JPG
The Virgina Plan and New Jersey Plan representatives debate on the amount of representation that should be available.
(Not us)

Crispuses making an invalid point
Organized supporters of the Dixiecrat Bloc share their valid statements with the convention
Crispus Attucks supporters boring the audience in the back