Kent, Elias, Eric, Peter, Marco, and Jennifer.

Group Members and Roles

  • Eric: Wiki/Writer/Mailer, Photoshop
  • Kent: Speaker, Debater
  • Marco: Radio ASP, Facebook
  • Elias: Movie Producer
  • Jennifer: Journalist
  • Peter: Photographer.

Group Slogan

Compromise is the only way to rise. Constconimage.jpg

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

Here at the Great Compromise PAC, we want three branches to government to establish a system of checks and balances to limit power of any one party. We want two houses in legislation. The House of Representatives will maintain suffrage according to population. The Senate will comprise of two representatives from each state. Lastly, we propose a three-fifths compromise. This means that when counting for population, all slaves will be counted as three-fifths of a person.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Three Branches to Government: Executive, Legislative, Judicial
  • Three-fifths compromise
  • Two Houses in Legislation
    • House of Representatives: Representation based on population
    • Senate: Two representatives per state

Orator Speech

My fellow Americans allow me to applaud you, for our combined efforts have earned us the freedom and liberty that we all desired. We stood united and went toe to toe against one of the biggest superpowers of our day, and came out victorious. However the battle is not over, now that we have our liberty how we should use and govern this new found freedom is the very question that brings us here today.
A petty evil has reared its hideous face, and created so many holes and cavities in our unity that one can easily compare it to an Englishman’s teeth. The crisp air we enjoyed in unity and brotherhood now stinks of rot and decay. My dear friends the decay of which I speak, the threat to our newborn unity of which I speak is the division of the larger states such as Virginia and the smaller states such as New Jersey.
Virginia, you speak of representation based upon population. Which if your plan comes about to fruition would give you the largest state, the most representatives and hence the most power over our fledgling government. Did our brothers, sons, and friends just not finish spilling their blood to secure our freedom from a one party rule? Though not exactly the same, will we now back slide into one party almost completely controlling our government, taxes and even our very lives? While our musket barrels are still warm and the blood that was spilled still fresh from the war we finished to escape such chains? I for one will not see our infant country slide back into the black abyss which we barely managed to crawl out of.
There is also the idea proposed byNew Jersey, which would have all states have equal say in all matters. Which is almost a fair idea; howeverVirginia has a point when they say all of their people must be represented fairly. As do youNew Jersey by arguing that they would be fairly represented if all states were equally represented. Both of these ideas gentlemen, if done separately will lead to catastrophic results; possibly even lead us to a civil war.
However if you combine these two ideas all becomes well, and the government could run smoothly, with all parties involved getting what they want. Therefore I pose before you today a plan we named the Great Compromise, in this idea our legislative branch will become bi-camel and have two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the House of Representatives states will be represented according to their population, whereas in the Senate all states get two representatives only. All laws and ideas for taxes will start in the House of Representatives if passed with a vote of the two thirds majority, it will then be passed to the Senate were it will be voted on again, if passed in the senate with a two thirds majority It will then be passed to the president for his approval.
Brothers I beg of you do not let this petty selfishness for your individual states destroy your country; instead think for the betterment to your country. Gentlemen the last time I checked we were the United States of America, not the Group States of America which we are well on our way to becoming if we do not take care of this issue. Britain, France and Spain all loom around us , waiting for us to slip giving Britain the chance to take revenge, Spain the chance to add us to their empire, and Lord only knows what the frogs want us for. My point is simply this gentlemen, if we allow our unity to keep rotting away at this alarming rate, we will first become thirteen nations we will become to lose each nation one after another and soon the States will cease to exist. So join us my friends, and keep this catastrophe from happening to our infant nation.


Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

Virginia: Our people will not receive full representation that we deserve.debate-p3-gcpplan.jpg

Great Compromise: Yes they will in the house of senate.

Both: Spain, France and Great Britain are broke form them last war and not ready to attack us.

Great Compromise: Perhaps not yet but at the snail like pace we are working to become a unified nation they will be ready to fight a war far before we are ready to fight off a war.

Both: This is not what we wanted

Great Compromise: I realize, however I do not see either one of you backing down from your case, and quite frankly if you both do not back down this could lead to civil war. At least this way you both get some of what you want, hence the name the Great Compromise.

Why Our Plan is Good:

  • Compromise will give this nation the government it needs. This admirable country, and its people, will receive the great freedom they deserve.
  • Compromise will bring an end to this futile fighting. Both large states and small will receive the representation they are looking for.
  • The government will have a system of checks and balances to prevent the transformation into monarchy, and to enact a balance of power. Most importantly, the United States will become, for the first time, just that, united.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

My dear readers, I am here to share with you an exclusive inside story of what has been going on in that secret meeting inPhiladelphia. They have been attempting to amen, or accentually, rewrite the Articles of Confederation. For days now 55 men have been holed up in that red-brick statehouse with tension rising faster that the stifling heat of May.
Delegates for theVirginia Plan readily stood to express that “In order for there to be equal representation, and therefore the most unity, there needs to be representation directly proportional to population”. This view point was spurned by many and accompanied with passionate out cries of “Virginia dictatorship!” and “King Virginia!” The representatives of Virginia Plan proceeded in a puerile manner, stating that “New Jersey is down right foolish.” They did however hold a point when the pointed out that under the New Jersey Plan a man fromNew Jersey would receive five times the political voice as a man fromVirginia, concluding their case with “that is not the equality we fought for.”
The New Jersey Plan Representatives promptly rose to defend that “All states should get equal representation”. Insisting that “Virginia intends to monopolize government affairs” they argued for equal representation for each state. Their sentiment on despotic Virginia and their plan being that “the idea is nothing short of idiotic and ludicrous” highlights just how far off these two radically different states were from seeing eye to eye. Their speech was summed up to raucous support fromNew Jersey representatives and jeers from those ofVirginia as they made a final statement of “Don’t be fooled byVirginia, they speak of freedom, liberty, and equality, But for whom?”
At last the one who seemed to be the only truly reasonable person in the room took the stage, captivating listeners and putting an end to the childish squabbling. They perfectly expressed how critical it is to have a united government to protect us and our new found freedom injecting that “the battle is not over” yet. Appall tinted the lone voice of reason and dismay upset his countenance as he talked of the “threat to our newborn unity” caused by the smaller states and larger states with their dogmatic manner and in ability to consider anything less than their own views. With such discord and bitter debating it seemed an agreement could be made by nothing short of a civil war. Fortunately we shall not be reduced to such desperate means thanks to the plan propounded in that imposing edifice of brick, a plan henceforth known as the Great Compromise. This plan would successfully appease bothVirginia andNew Jersey by the creation of a bi-camel legislative branch. The House of Representatives would be “directly proportional to population”, as proposed in the Virginia Plan, and the House of Senate would be chosen equally by state as proposed in the New Jersey Plan. Power would then be doled out in such a manner that no one part of government would have the authority needed to become tyrannical.
The Great Compromise, without such a sagacious blueprint our nation could never rise. If left in the hands of the loquacious delegates with their fondness for debates wanting of what is germane to the onerous task of creating a constitution who knows what could have happened to theUnited States. We owe our nation to the Great Compromise.


Radio PSA :


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