Otto, Jongseung, Nikhel, Anthony, Senin, Zach, and Noah

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Otto and Jongseung brewing up a winning plan for the debate! Como un JEFE!

Group Members and Roles

  • Writer/Wiki/Mailer - Anthony
  • Speaker/Leader - Otto
  • Debaters - Jongseung and Otto
  • Photographer - Senin
  • Photoshop Graphics - Anthony
  • Print Journalist - Senin
  • Radio Commercial - Nikhel and Zack
  • Television Commercial - Nikhel, Zack, Noah

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The New Jersey Plan: It's ABSolutely better than Virginia's Plan!!!

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

We want a unicameral Congress where all states will be represented equally. We want all states to have a voice. We want all states to be represented equally so no state has more power than another. The number of people in one state will not matter because each state will get one vote. We want a government with three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. We want the national government to regulate trade, levy taxes and import duties. We want state laws to be inferior to laws passed by the national legislature.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

Three branches: Legislative, executive, and judicial.
  • The Legislative branch appoints people to serve in executive branch.
  • Executive Branch selects justices of Supreme Court.
Unicameral Congress where all states are represented equally.
  • Population doesn't matter.
  • Each state gets one vote
National government will:
  • regulate trade, levy taxes and import duties.
State laws will be inferior to laws passed by the national legislature.
Orator: Text of Your Speech

My fellow countrymen. We have accomplished what many around the world believed to be impossible. We, as a people, have repelled the British from our sacred land and have freed ourselves from the clutches of an oppressive, prejudice, and corrupt government. Now, we stand here today, as a united nation, to put forth a new government and to secure our place under the sun. We shall never return to the old ways of governance. No sir, we will not! We are to live in a nation based on freedom, liberty, and justice. Were we can all worship what we wish and were we can fulfill our dreams and ambitions without having to worry about our social class.

However, all of this news, which should fill me with contentment, is diminished upon reflection of our dangerous situation. Virginia, our oldest sister state, has taken it upon itself to backstab New Jersey and all the other small states by putting forth their “big state plan”. They not only intend to monopolize government affairs but they also intend on awarding themselves with an abundance of power. Now tell me my fellow brethren, do you think it fair for larger states to acquire more power? Did our men not endure the same pain, sorrow, and heartache in battle for equality? Did we not rebel against England because we had no say in regard to the ways things were being run?

We cannot let ourselves be fooled into another autocracy! Virginia calls their plan “logical” well I call it a hypocrisy! This plan not only suppresses the smaller states voice in government, but it also created a rigid feudal system within government. One in which the delegates from the larger states dictate what they want done, and the delegates from the smaller states are forced to obey.

Virginia proclaims that the Articles of Confederation should be dissolved and that a constitution be drafted. However, there is no need for such a thing! All we need to do is refine our policies and give them time. With time and patience we are sure to succeed in building a great country. Dissolving the Article of Confederation all at once would only leave us in a state of disarray. Surely, none of us would want our new born nation to fall apart merely because of the complaints from some petticoats?

In order to avoid the disintegration and failure of our dear country, we must come to the unanimous decision of passing The New Jersey Plan. The New Jersey Plan gives people peace at mind by securing more state power and by ensuring them that their voices will be heard with as much contentment as their neighbor. Unlike our opponent, we display no favoritism when it comes to governing. Our plan supports the ideal of equality, fairness, and just representation. Why do we have these ideals and Virginia doesn’t? Because we are devoted to awarding all states an equal voice in government.
Now although we do agree with the Virginia Plan in regard to the judicial and executive branch, we differ greatly on the design of the Legislative Branch. Virginia fancies the formation of a two-house congress; while New Jersey favors a one-house congress. My fellow countrymen, how can we ever achieve unity if the heart of our government is divided into two houses. The idea is nothing short of idiotic. What we must do is have one house in which all the delegates work together to ensure the prosperity of the nation. God forbid that we have to decide on something as important as a national budget and we are faced with two deadlocked legislative houses. We would get absolutely no where! In order to have an effective and efficient government we must have a one-house congress in which all delegates hold one vote each.

In regard to the economy, we cannot fail to notice its suffering. Our nation is at war with an opponent that is in the homestead of many of our countrymen. That opponent my fine people, is debt. We must come together and decide on a policy that will put forth economic prosperity, while all the same paying off our gargantuan debt to foreign nations. The first step that must be made is to allow the one-house congress to levy taxes on foreign goods. This way we can begin the tedious task of repaying all of our debts.

My fellow countrymen. America is in a state of infancy. Our next step will be the determining factor of whether or not we become a thriving nation or a territory from an empire abroad. Let us not be fooled by Virginia’s attempt to monopolize government affairs. Passing their plan will only leave us in a state of perpetual conflict. Lets come together, revise the Articles of Confederation, and give states the ability to govern themselves without much interference from a federal government. We will be successful if and only if we follow this path. So please my fellow Americans, don’t be fooled by Virginia. They speak about liberty, equality, and freedom; but for who? The carefree Virginian’s or the hardworking people of America.

Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

Proponent of Virginia Plan might say number of vote based on population is better than equal vote; however, this is not near fair nor the best possible plan. Virginia plan is ignoring the hardship and contribution of other states to the Revolution. According to Virginia Plan, Virginia would have more voting right than Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Georgia and half of New York combined. Virginia do not deserve this gargantuan right. This is not fair. Also these rights will lead the tyranny of majority. Look at those debtors with guns took control of our courtroom in the name of being majority. Monarchy! The very action happened about a year ago can happen in national-wide scale. And our states, our knowledge, our Liberty will disintegrate, unless you representatives vote for New Jersey Plan.

Virginia Plan Proponent of Virginia Plan might say two house legislative branch is more effective;however, one house legislative branch is sufficient to fulfill democratic value without delay that can be caused by division of legislative body.

Why Our Plan is Good:

  • The New Jersey Plan allows equal representation among all 13 states.
  • This protects our nation from tyranny; no state will be more powerful than another because every state will get one vote.
  • Every state, large and small, will be heard equally.
  • Every state will have a voice.
  • Our plan will create equality between the colonies, no colonies will get an unfair advantage over another.
  • New Jersey is ABSolutely better than Virginia.
  • The truth about equality hurts.
  • The New Jersey Plan leads toward a nation, while the Virginia plan leads to 13 nations.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

In the thunderous chatter unraveling in the Constitutional Convention; James Patterson shed light of the importance of the countrymen in our potential nation. Patterson began his speech with the statement “... to put forth a new government and to secure our place under the sun.’’ Patterson was right on the target. We as a Nation need to hear everyone’s voice. We as a Nation need to make a choice where there is agreement on all levels. The laidback people Virginia, who has all the free time in the world; or the hardworking people of New Jersey.
The New Jersey Plan stands for an equal representation for all the states. Every state gets one vote. This way, no matter how populated a state is; they still have one vote. The Virginia Plan however; stands for representation by population. With this idea, Virginia would have more voting rights than Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Georgia and half of New York combined. How could you get anything done when one state could overturn the power of half the Nation? Our new Nation would turn into an autocracy at the hands of the Virginia Plan. The Virginians seek their chance behind James Madison, to get a two house legislative branch. Would anything get done, with our Nation’s delegates deadlocked over a national budget? Surely, we would be crawling back to Great Britain if the Virginia Plan got its way. We need everyone’s voice at an equal level. The New Jersey Plan gives the chance for the voices of small states like New York, New Hampshire, and Maine to be heard. This could not happen in the Virginia Plan’s dream legislative branch.
Patterson also pointed out that with the New Jersey Plan, people would be given peace at mind by “…securing more state power and by ensuring them that their voices will be heard with as much contentment as their neighbor.” In the Virginia plan, how could someone in a small state be given this security? Would the people of the North turn rebellious if this vile plan was passed? Could we be in the midst of a civil war?




Radio PSA

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Jongseung posing before the action begins! Sir Otto Tielemans representing New Jersey.

Action Photographs:


Otto persuading members of the Convention that the New Jersey Plan is the correct path to go down.


Otto Rocking Out after the Ending of his speech!


Otto, Jongseung, and Nikhel posing for the winning party and the winning Plan!


Otto preparing to backfire the Virginia Plan's strategy during the debate.


Jongseung making sure everyone can see the eyes of the New Jersey Plan.


Nikhel giving some advice for Jongseung.

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