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Group Members and Roles


Group Slogan

"Crispus Attucks Has It Right, Freedom For Both Black And White."


What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

Bullet Points

-Freedom for all people
-Gradual end of slavery
-Immediate restriction on importation of slaves
-Slavery not allowed to spread to new territories

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Hello my fellow Patriots. My name is George Mason, and I represent the Crispus Attucks Coalition. I am here today to speak to you about the extremely important and rather controversial topic of slavery. The very idea and practice of slavery is in direct violation of the Declaration of Independence. Stated by Jefferson in this document is the line, “all men are created equal.” All men. No distinctions, no specifications. All men.

If this declaration respects the Germans, Scots-Irish, Dutch, and a vast variety of other races, what makes the African people so different? Why aren’t they allowed to access the right of equality? The only factor the differentiates Africans from others residing in America is their skin color. And have we, as a nation, really stooped so low as to judge a person based on their outer appearance? Are the American people really that shallow? Africans might not have the same white skin as the majority of the nation, but the emotional aspect is still the same. They feel the same way as we do, they endure pain the same way, experience loss and sorrow. Notice that happiness was not mentioned. As
men, we are entitled to the natural rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

However, slaves are not offered even a taste of these rights. They are never given an opportunity to be happy; they must always answer to a harsh master; they are worked nearly to death on a daily basis. And why is this? Because they were purchased, giving their master a superior feeling of ownership to make his slaves partake in any activity he may choose.

Slavery is a highly debated topic. It has become so controversial that our nation is dividing because of clashing opinions. Our nation has always been envisioned as united.

United nation, united people, united decisions. We must not let disagreements on slavery separate our people and destroy our unity.

I understand why slave owners may be frightened by the thought of the abolition of slavery. It has become a way of life that many people have grown accustomed to.

However, in any instance, slavery is wrong. Slave masters might disagree with me, because they enjoy having slaves do their hard work for them. But that can change. It won’t necessarily be easy, but definitely not impossible. I propose that we, as a nation,
create extreme restrictions on the importation of Africans to use as slaves, and create strict restrictions on slave trade. I believe that the government should direct trade, leading to a strong, united, centralized nation. We must not allow slavery to spread to the western
colonies, such as Kentucky and Tennessee. We must stop it right here, right now. Now believe me when I say, I am a rational man. I do not expect slavery to disappear over night. It will take time, but if we stick together as a nation, I have faith that we can
abolish slavery and remain united. Crispus Attucks has it right, freedom to both black and white.


Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

Objection: Slavery supports our economy.debate-p5-crispusattucks.jpg
Reply: It increases the gap between the rich and the poor white classes. Slave owners are obviously making a nice profit, but it makes selling harder on small farms and white laborers have barely any available work. It also makes people, like slave owners and sellers, stand against industrial growth because new machines that do the same work would drop the value of slaves.

Objection: Africans are less human than we are.
Reply: Body, brain, heart, and soul they are just like the rest of us. They move and function just as we do. They think and reason. They practice religion. They feel emotions and empathy and connect with other people.

Objection: They are not American.
Reply: They or their ancestors were immigrants to America, just the same as most of us here. They picked up arms alongside white men to fight for the liberty of our new nation.

Objection: They aren't educated enough to participate in our government.
Reply: Many white men, some of who even own their own farms, have little to no education. If they were allowed to work for money, they would undoubtebly pursue an education for their selves and children.

Why Our Plan is Good:

It creates freedom for all American peoples and eliminates hypocrisy.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity:

Special News: The Real Truth Behind the Constitutional Convention

On a nice sunny Tuesday afternoon of October 4, 2011, a mischievous boom of controversy arouse from a classroom. The room heated up as five different delegates assembled to discuss the essentials of a newly found economy. New Jersey, Virginia, the Great Compromise, the Dixiecrat Bloc and Crispus Attucks, all ready to burst out their own persuasive plans and ideas, truly demonstrated their passion to help America, while still lacking order.

As last minute plans were made between one another in their own groups, the swarm of disorganization calmed into a more orderly and disciplined atmosphere. With all representatives seated, the Constitutional Convention finally begun, with the first opening of representation by the Virginia Plan, followed by the proposition of the New Jersey Plan. Tension aroused as New Jersey continuously claimed, “Size matters! Equal representation for all!” while Virginia disregards New Jersey as a “real” state. The heating up rivalry between Virginia and New Jersey was already identified within fifteen minutes of the convention. The Great Compromise urgently follows up on the competition, trying to combine both plans to cool the heat, while the audience splits, separated by these two ideal plans (furiously “boo-ing” at each other).

The next greater set of controversy was then started as the Crispus Attucks Coalition proposed the democratically ideal plan of equality for all, proving the effective damage and wrongdoing of slavery reflecting on our new nation. Not only did slavery disrupt the American society politically (in means of democracy), but also socially and economically, such as “social class order”. Meanwhile, the adversary, the Dixiecrat Bloc, or “shall ya’ll say the southern slaveholders,” tried defending their only source of laborers or “hard workers”, considering them as property rather than individual human beings. The Dixiecrat Bloc then creates even more hassle by threatening, “We, the south, will secede away from this country if there are no slaves!” While feeling superior due to this menace, the Dixiecrats also decide to propose the “supposedly generous” three-fifths compromise, where each slave absurdly is counted as three-fifths of a person. “How ludicrous!” The reaction of the audience’s faces showed all. Nevertheless, the Crispus Attucks Coalition would not let the southern Dixiecrats get away with such erroneous ideals.

After propositions of each idea and plan was finally completed, the five delegates gathered to form a debate based on the “right and wrong” ideals. The brave Virginians spoke up first, defending their ideas with the decision, “We must create a constitution including the three branches of government and a bicameral system!” New Jersey consequently followed with a somewhat agreeable stance on the Virginian’s plan, yet claimed, “We are not less of a state than larger ones!” Then, the Great Compromise urged into the calm debate, seeming to not state much other than, “The House of Representatives and Congress will make up government!” The audience finally unites and agrees with this ideal decision.

On the other hand, the controversial debate between the Crispus Attucks Coalition and Dixiecrat Bloc boiled up as the Dixiecrats publicly admit, “We beat them slaves because they don’t know how to plant those crops! (They) die like fleas!” Subsequently, the Crispus Attucks Coalition humiliates the Dixiecrats, “Do you want to be treated like how your slaves are treated?” Not only does the Crispus Attucks Coalition humiliate them, but also prove social disruption, “The rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer,” with slavery around in our lives. Overall claiming, “Abolition of slavery saves the nation! Crispus Attucks has it right, freedom for both black and white!” The Dixiecrats, now cornered, have no choice but to fall to the idea of abolition of slavery is true democracy.


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