Alex, Adam, Bryn, Jared, Chrissy, Rachel, Cameron, and Karl

Group Members and Roles

  • Jared: Photoshop + Images.
  • Alexander: TV and Raido PSA
  • Adam: Speaker
  • Cameron: Debater
  • Chrissy: Photographer
  • Rachel: Print Journalist
  • Bryn: Mailer/ Main Wiki Writer
  • Karl: Facebook Editor/Cartoonist

Group Slogan

"Don't be a hater, compromise is greater!"

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

We, of the Great Compromise, believe in a plan which appeases both the Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan. We propose a bicameral system merging the idea of a congress decided by state population and the idea of a congress with two representatives from every state. These two systems will be known as the House of Representatives and the Senate. We want happiness; we want unity; we want compromise!

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Let the other sides (Virginia and New Jersey) have their says first
  • Emphasize that our plan is a COMPROMISE (both large and small states will benefit from it)
  • "My fellow delegates..."
  • Make the point that we all are, in the end, fellow citizens of the great United States

Orator: Text of Your Speech

My fellow delegates, allow me to first address the fact it gives me both great pleasure and honor to be able to speak before you all today. The simple fact that we were all able to meet at this very spot with each other in of itself deserves recognition. But we did not travel here merely for a social exchange of greetings; democracy is at stake here, my fellow delegates! For what is one that lacks a proper representation of the average citizen? Thus, a fair and balanced voting system is in need of peremptory order; one of which requires not only our own reputes, but of the auspicious reputes of the thousands of the ordinary pedestrians throughout all of the United States. But, as human nature will have it, we cannot seem to come to a sound agreement over what plan to submit to. Therefore, let us discuss.

Virginia, and states of large! You wish to establish a durable government with three supporting branches in order to maintain a check-and-balance like system, the idea of which I am not opposed to in the slightest. But you also wish to send out more congressional representatives due to your gargantuan populations. Is that truly fair to states less populous, who would need more people in order to promote their says in the matters of Congress?
And to New Jersey, and states less occupied! In utter contrast to that of the Virginia Plan, you presented the contention that every state should be equally represented, to the extreme. Thus, you stated all states should have the same amount of congressional delegates, and that all states have no more than one vote. It is no wonder why large states such as Virginia and Massachusetts would be in uproar over your plan; just as the Virginia Plan was unfair to you, your plan is unfair to them.
My fellow delegates, the edifice of the United States of America was founded on the basis of seeking freedom from our archaic tyrannical mother. Yet here we are, unable to to agree with each other on a plan to represent our very own people. Is that not folly? Enough with pointless bickering and arguing over each others contentions! Instead, let us compromise!
Let us unite the ideas of the Virginia Plan with the New Jersey Plan. Let us allow each state to have congressional representatives based on their populations; yet, let us also allow each state to contain two representatives, so as to be fair to the more minutely populated states. The former would come to be known as the House of Representatives; the latter would be formally recalled to as the Senate. Together, they would make up the embodiment of Congress.
Now, I immensely implore you, my fellow delegates, to vote in the favorable ballot of the Great Compromise; for it would undoubtedly lead to countless golden ages of prosperity, ingenuity, and gratification for our great United States.


Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

O: Our (Virginia) states are larger with population; why not allow our plan to be passed over the of New Jersey then? There are more people where we come from, after all.

R: My friends of Virginia, the lessly populated states of New Jersey and others still have a say in the matters of Congress; Do people not exist there too? That is why we should enact the Great Compromise, so as to be fair to you and your fellow Americans in New Jersey.

O: Frankiln, your plan seems very ideal, but not realistic. Are you sure that such a plan can truly work for us all?

R: I give you the utmost of assurance that the Great Compromise will be a success. As long as you all agree with it and the common American people understand it, it shall not fail; moreover, it shall make our country more prosperous.

Why Our Plan is Good:

The Great Compromise benefits everyone - the idea of having both a House of Representatives and a Senate allows for accurate representation of the majority while still protecting the rights of the minority. Our plan encompasses America as a whole rather than just one section of this newly formed nation. We are looking out for the union, not our state. We are focusing on the future, not the past. We want to build our nation on compromise and equal representation, not cutthroat rivalries and factions. We are the future of this great country!

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

The boisterous crowd quieted as American luminary, Benjamin Franklin, made his ascent to the podium at the Constitutional Convention on Tuesday.

Franklin’s overwhelmingly moving speech followed the conflicting and self-serving speeches given by the representatives of the Virginia and New Jersey Plans.

“Enough with pointless bickering and arguing over each others contentions! Instead, let us compromise!” Franklin exclaimed passionately, boldly forging a middle ground for America to walk down.

Franklin proposed a plan which merged the contrasting Virginia and New Jersey Plans. His plan supported a bicameral legislature with a House of Representatives based off population to appease Virginia and a House of Senates in accordance with New Jersey’s propositions.

“I immensely implore you… to vote in the favorable ballot of the Great Compromise; for it will undoubtedly lead to countless golden ages of prosperity, ingenuity, and gratification for our great United States,” Franklin wisely said to his audience.

This “great compromise” Franklin spoke of elicited spirited cheers of “Compromise!” from the crowd. His speech evoked little backlash with the exception of one remarkably rude Jackson Tovar of the Virginia Plan who consistently questioned Franklin’s logic and reason.

After Franklin left the podium, he was followed by representatives of the Dixiecrat and Crispus Attucks coalitions who each spoke of the issue of slavery.

The anti slavery Crisupus Attucks Coalition spoke first, warning the slave-owning audience of the moral corruptness that slavery brings. The Dixiecrats, dressed in traditional southern hick attire, rebutted Crispus Attucks argument claiming that slavery is the very basis of the American economy.

After the speeches ended, the delegates rejoined for a formal debate.

Once again, Franklin rationally spoke his point, therefore bridging the gap between Virginia and New Jersey. He addressed each group’s points, told them why they were right, why they were wrong, and why they should all compromise for the greater good of the country.

“If we divide as union - if both sides are unhappy, then we’ll fall back into England’s hands,” Franklin wisely warned his fellow delegates.

But not even Franklin could mediate the hypocritical, slave-owning George Mason of the Crispus Attucks Coalition and the redneck, toothpick chewing Roger Sherman of the Dixiecrats. The two countered morals and called each other’s Christianity into question, throwing bible quotes at each other in justification of their own points.

The convention ended with one clear winner: the Great Compromise won the hearts, minds, and yelps of the crowd. Almost all agreed with Franklin’s decree that “we must compromise!”


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